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Address: Ayarza # 400 y Av. Eloy Alfaro - Edificio Milanesi Of: 5 A
Quito, Ecuador

Phone: (00593) 2 242-280
(00593) 99 834-3149
(00593) 99 832-7167



Pacific Coast

There an extension of lands  that grow by the shores of the Pacific Ocean and extend to the Andes, until reaching altitudes that range between 700 and 800 meters above sea level. These lands rise to 70.000 quadratic kilometres.

Due to its limited altitude, and its equatorial position, the Ecuadorian coast should have a similar weather as the Amazon or the centre of Africa. Nevertheless, because of the Humboldt Ocean Current in one hand, and its proximity to the Andes from north to south in the othe hand, the weather is favourably modified.

The beautiful Ecuadorian beaches from north to south allow visiting harbours, fishing towns and modern cities, as well as protected forests, such as the Forest of Majagual, part of the Cayapas – Mataje Ecological Reserve, where the world’s highest mangles (64 meters) are to be found.

The water surrounding Isla de la Plata, is a paradise of multicolour fishes, where you will be able to admire Humpback Whales that arrive every year from the Antarctica to this place, to mate between the months of June and October.

Hosteria Andaluz

Located right across the sea, this magnificent and innovative “Hosteria” is built mainly of bamboo; it has a private and large beach and it is surrounded by magnificent flower and organic vegetable gardens as well as small bamboo forests. Exploration tours to the “Machallilla” National Park, where abundant fauna similar to that of Galapagos can be found, as well as marine reserve and archaeological and cultural areas, can be organized at “Hostería Alándaluz”.   

Mantaraya Lodge

The Mantaraya Lodge is located at the Machalilla National Park in the Province of Manabi, about 15 minutes drive from Puerto Lopez.

It is constructed in a Mediterranean style and is a perfect place to rest and do excursions to the nearby Machalilla National Park with its attractions like Isla de la Plata and its beaches.


La Hosteria Tsafiki arranca en el año 2004 con una Visión y Misión muy clara; este pequeño rincón situado en la parte sur de la provincia de Manabí, se ha caracterizado por su atención, el buen servicio al cliente y la calidad en la preparación de sus platos. 
El Restaurante Wahoo cuya fortaleza es la preparación de mariscos tiene una carta diversa de platos a su gusto, en la que se destacan algunas preparaciones.


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