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Address: Ayarza # 400 y Av. Eloy Alfaro - Edificio Milanesi Of: 5 A
Quito, Ecuador

Phone: (00593) 2 242-280
(00593) 99 834-3149
(00593) 99 832-7167



Cloud Rain Forest - Mindo's Butterflies

Mariposas de Mindo is an eco-tourism lodge dedicated to the conservation and investigation of live butterflies in the sub-tropical cloud forest of the Mindo Nambillo Reserve. 

It is a family run business, and through the years, each member has found his area of interest.   Our goal for excellence and our continued passion for nature, has made us the best in our field.

During these past 10 years, our project has always been in continuous growth.  

We have developed a sustainable business using conservation of species as our main goal.    The support and encouragement from our visitors is the energy that makes us want to move ahead.


At this moment we have 4 rooms and 3 independent cabanas. 

They are constructed in wood, and blend in with the natural environment.  

They have the comforts of home but placed in an incredibly exotic place. 

We invite you to enjoy the peace and calm that our lodge has to offer.


Our chefs work with quality products that are 100% natural.  They will dazzle you with exotic plates created just for you.

  • Snacks
  • Main dishes
  • Deserts
  • Cocktails
  • You will be served in an environment that is completely natural. 





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