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Address: Ayarza # 400 y Av. Eloy Alfaro - Edificio Milanesi Of: 5 A
Quito, Ecuador

Phone: (00593) 2 242-280
(00593) 99 834-3149
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Kapawi Ecological Lodge

The Kapawi Project began in 1993. The goal was to commence a new trend in eco-tourism, in partnership with the OINAE, by providing a monthly means of economic support and jobs to the Achuar Indians located in Kapawi as well as in other communities. Now all installations belong entirely to the Achuar Indians. The lodge accommodates up to 60 visitors in 20 huts and was built in accordance to the Achuar concept of architecture. Environmentally friendly methods such as solar energy and trash recycling are also being utilized.

Kapawi is located in the most remote area of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, in the province of Pastaza. Flight destinations are at first to Shell and then to Kapawi in small airplanes (19 people) a 1-hour and a half ride. They use the best aircraft, with very high standards. Nevertheless due to type of weather of the tropical rain forest some delays can be expected. Our recommendation is for you to please consider adding an extra day to your itinerary after visiting Kapawi to make sure you meet your connecting flights to your next destination!

The Lodge

Completed in 1996, Kapawi is the newest of the Eco-lodges in South America. The lodge was created in accordance with the Achuar concept of architecture without a single metal nail. Environmentally friendly methods such as solar energy, biodegradable soaps, and trash-recycling systems are also being utilised.

Achuar is the name of one of the four groups of the linguistic family Jivaro, (Achuar, Shuar, Aguaruna and Huambisa). With a global population of about 80.000 people, the Jivaro group is by far the most important homogeneous culture on the Amazon basin. Well known in the past for their internal wars, the Achuar now live peacefully in small villages.

As suggested by the missionaries, they obtain their products in small plots - chacras - and from hunting, fishing and gathering in the rain forest. At the beginning of the 1970's the Achuar were the only Jivaros who had not suffered any loss of culture due to contact with the Western world.

Access: There are two operational days to get to Kapawi: Mondays and Fridays. On these days the flights operate which is the only possibility to get to the lodge.

Important: Once in Kapawi, you will be miles away from what you know as civilization, as the nearest town is 2 weeks walk away through the forest for the local people. This remoteness is what makes Kapawi such a special and unique place. Please remember that because the only way in and out of the area is by air and therefore, you are 100% reliant on the weather. We request that you leave an extra day after your stay at Kapawi as a buffer day in case an act of God prevents your departure.

Eco-Tourism in Kapawi: Kapawi is a place of multiple choices and is characterized by its flexibility. They do not offer fixed programs, but you can design with your guide and your group the most suitable one to meet your interests and physical condition. In Kapawi you can do many activities and the most of the itineraries will include visits to the Achuar communities, you can share all of a day with the Achuar families, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes, swimming, watching piranhas, pink dolphins, see caimans and other animals of the area, as well as birdwatching, where there are 480 species but in general this lodge is more an experience to get to know the way of living of the Achuar.

There are three alternatives according to your physical condition

Easy: Programs that include short hikes in the rainforest (up to 3 hours) on well defined trails, visits to the Achuar communities as well as trips in canoes. Meals are served in the lodge or light meals are taken for the trip. Typical Achuar meals are also offered in their communities. And during overnight stays in the lodge or in tents.

Moderate: Programs that include medium-distance hikes in the rain forest (up to 5 hours), sometimes crossing flooded areas. Trips in canoes and visits to the Achuar communities are also covered. Light meals are taken for the journey or typical Achuar dishes are served in their communities. Overnight stays include the lodge, in the Achuar communities and occasionally in tents.

Difficult: Demanding hikes of many hours or days in poorly defined and often flooded trails. Porters will carry food and supplies. Overnight stays are in tents or in the Achuar communities. Exploration journeys to virgin areas are occasionally offered. Trips on inaccessible rivers are done in inflatable rafts. Excellent physical condition is required!

Kapawi is a great place for birding. In ten days you can get a list of almost 400 species. The river islands often have Horned Screamers and Orinoco Geese. Muscovy Ducks are more prevalent. Other birds of exceptional interest featured in Kapawi are two species of Ant wren recently discovered (Herpislochaus and Terenura, sp. Novum), Salvin´s Curassow, Buckley's Forest-Falcon, Sapphire Quail-Dove, Blue-winged Parrolet, Scarlet-Shouldered Parrolet, Black-billed Cuckoo, White Chested Puff bird, Spotted Puff bird, Tawney-throated Leaftosser, Black Bushbird, Amazonian Umbrella bird, Orange-eyed Flycatcher (Tolmomyas trailli, sp. Novum), Moriches Oriole and the most amazing thing is that you can see and record new species on the islands (like Arremonops, sp. Novum)!

Prices 2014 per person:

Days 4 Days 5 Days 8 Days
Single Room

USD 975.-

USD 1,250.-

USD 1,970.-

Double Room

USD 695.-

USD 895.-

USD 1,395.-

Triple Room

USD 595.-

USD 760.-

USD 1,195.-

Service Tax p.p./per night

USD 6.-

USD 8.-

USD 14.-


  • Flight Shell-Kapawi-Shell: USD 174.-
  • Land transport Quito - Shell - Quito: USD 60.- per person
  • Entrance Fee Achuar Community: USD 10.- per person + USD 2,50.- per person/per night

Included in the price: All meals, English-speaking naturalist guide, accommodation, excursions as you choose.

Not included in the price: Charter flight Quito - Kapawi - Quito, Achuar community fee, fuel surcharge, international flight airport tax (USD 41.- per person). Hotel and service taxes. In Kapawi: Soft and alcoholic beverages, tips and personal items.


Energy: The lodge is powered by solar energy. Sixty-four solar panels of 75 watts each cover 80% of all the lodge's energy needs. Every room has 4 lamps: 1 in the bathroom and 3 in the bedroom. We kindly request you to conserve energy by using no more than three lamps at a time.

Water: The tap water is filtered through charcoal filters and purified with UV rays. Bottles of drinking mineral water are available in your room. Solar showers provide 5 gallons of hot water per person each day.

For your convenience we recommend that you take showers at the end of the day.

Rain: Each room is provided with an umbrella that you can use to go to different areas of the lodge.

Night: No artificial illumination exists along the boardwalks since it could modify the behaviour of nocturnal animals. You should carry a flashlight with you.

Swimming: Swimming can be safely done in lakes and calm rivers. Nevertheless, as the water level goes down in the dry season, this activity is not always available.

Meals: It is served a tasty combination of international food and traditional plants. A wide variety of exotic fruits are also available. Soft drinks, snacks and hot water for coffee and tea are available all day.

Breakfast: Starting at 5.00 a light breakfast is provided to birdwatchers. A full breakfast is available from 7.00 on.

Lunch: Lunch is provided in the dining room from 12:30. Box lunches are provided to visitors taking full-day trips.

Dinner: Dinner is served from 19:00.

Library: A well-endowed library is open all day long. Paperbacks, magazines and books are available.

Boutique: A small boutique stocks essential items you may have forgotten (film, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, hats etc.), as well as handicrafts and souvenirs.

Soap: All soaps used in the lodge are biodegradable. In the shower as well as in the sink you will find shampoo and soap dispensers. Please do not use non-biodegradable soaps.

Trash: Trash is sorted into two classes: biodegradable (food, paper, etc.) and non-biodegradable (metal, plastics, glass, etc.). Please deposit garbage in the appropriated trash containers, which you will find in your room.


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