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Address: Ayarza # 400 y Av. Eloy Alfaro - Edificio Milanesi Of: 5 A
Quito, Ecuador

Phone: (00593) 2 242-280
(00593) 99 834-3149
(00593) 99 832-7167



About Us

Gal√°pagos Ecuador Explorer (GEE)

It is formed by international consultants specialized in eco-tourism development, which have designed certified touristic packages with the highest standards of quality and have managed sustainable tourism. Our 10 years experience allows us to offer our clients unique experiences, assuring them safety in each one of their activities and the warmth of the people that makes up our team.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands on a cruise is an unforgettable experience. We can advise you about with the different alternatives we offer you. Our aim is to attain your satisfaction, while you enjoy our cruises in the Galapagos Islands exploring the marvelous flora and fauna of the islands; visit to different places in the very heart of the Amazon Jungle sharing with ancestral communities, walk through the Andean peaks trekking to Cotopaxi (the world's tallest snow-capped volcano), or to Chimborazo (the world's tallest snow covered mountain from the center of the earth). We also offer visits to the cloudy forest, where you will be able to find a big variety of animals and plants that are part of a internationally wellknow treasures .
We will show you fascinating places with historical estates, handicraft markets and visits to Quito with its splendorous Colonial past, full of legends and memories from the Ecuadorian ancestral culture.


In the present, the use of Tour Operators has become the best tool to guarantee a successful journey that fulfills your expectations and optimizes the value of your money.

The main benefits you will receive by using Galapagos Ecuador Explorer (GEE) Tour Operator are:

  • You will have the oportunity to visit the touristical operations categorized as unique in each Ecuadorian Region.
  • Organize your trip in an integral way by having all your visits perfectly coordinated.
  • We will guarantee you total safety during your stay in Ecuador, since we permanently count on people that take care and guarantee the quality of the purchased services.
  • Permanent aid to solve any inconvenient during your stay.
  • We permanently audit the tour operations that we use, to demand the highest level of quality service.
  • We optimize the use of our resources by offering better prizes than if you decide to buy your stay or complete tour individually.
  • You will count on a touristic advisor that will counsel you and give you practical tips for each kind of tour.

We are certified by Smart Voyager as sustainable tourism advisors. For instance, by requiring our service, you are contributing in order for our planet not to be affected by irresponsible tourism operations.


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